My Kit

I’ve recently expanded my kit, adding a new sound cart for drama and commercial work, more wireless kit, and more mics.

Full drama, commercial and documentary kits, including……..

Sound Devices Scorpio 36 channel mixer/recorder

Sound Devices 633 6 Channel mixer/recorder

Sound Devices 664

Sound Devices MixPre3 compact recorder for car rigs

Timecode systems Wave, UltraSync One and Syncbaks for wireless sync of any cameras including Go Pros

10 channels Lectrosonics radio mics, suitable for use on talent, as IFB or wireless camera links

6 channels Wisycom wideband radios

DPA, Sanken, DaCappo, Sony, Countryman and Sennheiser lavalier microphones

Sennheiser MKH60, MKH8060 and MKH8050 boom microphones

Ambient and PSC boom poles

Ambient and Betso timecode sync system

That’s the main stuff, I have lots more, and it all comes safely packed in Peli cases ready to travel internationally.

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