My Kit

I’m fully kitted out for every possible scenario from a quick interview, to a 16 radio mic high end  drama, and everything in between. Commercials and documentaries are well served too, with a choice of bag and cart rigs.


Sound Devices Scorpio 36 channel mixer/recorder

Sound Devices 833 8 Channel mixer/recorder

Sound Devices MixPre3 compact recorder for car rigs

Timecode systems Wave, UltraSync One and slate for full continuous sync of as many cameras as there are on set, plus a couple more for the inevitable extras!

10 channels Wisycom radio mics, suitable for use on talent,  or wireless camera links

6 channels Lectrosonics radios suitable for use on talent or as IFB feeds

DPA Core lavalier microphones, they’re the best, so I don’t use anything else

Sennheiser MKH8060 and MKH8050 boom microphones

Ambient and PSC boom poles


That’s the main stuff, I have lots more, and it all comes safely packed in Peli cases ready to travel internationally.

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