2016 so far…..

I’ve spent the last 11 weeks on used car forecourts in Derby, shooting a series for Dave, provisionally entitled ‘Used Car Wars’, it’ll be on air in the new year and will definitely be worth a watch, you’ll see things you never expected to see used car dealers doing, and you might get a few tips on how to get a good deal next time you buy a car. Prior to that I did some second unit work on an ITV drama called Brief Encounters, it’s about Ann Summers party hosts in Sheffield in the early ’80’s, it’s on in July and August and it’s very good. I always enjoy working on dramas, it makes a change from the documentaries  that form most of my work. I also worked on a few corporate shoots, one about 5 miles from home, and one in Algiers, Algiers was amazing, if you’ve never been, go, the wine is stunning. To add to the oddball mix, I also shot a pilot for a game show in a haunted house (history repeating itself there!) and spent two days watching people make lampshades for BBC4’s ‘Britain on the make’ So all in all, half way through, it’s been another interesting and varied year, I’m having a week off now to tend to my polytunnel, check out http://www.chilliupnorth.com to see more about that.

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