Nearly a year since the last update, whoops!

Evening all! where did the last 12 months go? This year has gone by so quickly, I went to see my Mum last week and she casually mentioned that she hadn’t seen me since May. Sorry Mum. After a gentle start to the year with the Canadian womens football team, and a few corporate jobs,  I spent a week on the second unit of ITV’s Wild Bill, it was a great shoot, early starts in the Lincolnshire countryside made so much easier by the amazing skies you get down there. Spring and early Summer were spent with the wonderful Miriam Margolyes, making another series for Wild Pictures following Miriam doing what she does best, asking people things they never thought they’d get asked. It was fun, as time with her always is, and it’ll be on telly early 2020. I finished that on a Thursday some time in July, and on the Saturday went straight on to the massive shoot that is Back In Time, this time were were going Back In Time For The Corner Shop, in Sheffield, so nice and close to home for me for once. Technically it was one of the most demanding things I’ve done, lots of radio mics, a constantly changing cast, unpredictable scenes, but with the help of an amazing crew, and the wonders that are Sara Cox and Polly Russell, we pulled it off. It’ll be on your screen spring 2020 and is well worth a watch.

Since then, I’ve been mainly watching my dogs run up and down Suffolk beaches, eating fish and chips, and cooking things on my Big Green Egg.

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