I know, I know, I’ve hardly posted anything for ages, and then two come along at once!

Miriam Margolyes’ Big Fat Adventure is on tonight (Monday 9th of March) and tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th) Miriam and I made this show last spring, with our usual cohorts, Simon Draper directing, and the DOP Mark North. If I could only ever work with one team again it would be this bunch, I’ve never enjoyed work so much!


Here’s Miriam and a bodybuilder, you’ll see more of him in the show.



Here’s Miriam and me, after our final shoot day, when I was leaving the team to start work on my next project.



The project I went onto immediately after working with Miriam and the gang was another BBC2 series, Back In Time For The Corner Shop presented by the lovely Sara Cox and Polly Russell.


The show started a couple of weeks ago and is great viewing, episode three is on tomorrow (Tuesday 10th of March) I spent all summer on this show, and it was a really good shoot, a great crew made every day fun.

In other news, I’ve upgraded just about all my kit, so have state of the art rigs for everything from docs, through to big reality set ups, and dramas or commercials too.

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