Two months into Lockdown, still working, but finding new ways to do it!

I’ve had a productive couple of months, getting used to new ways of working, meeting some new clients, and trying to find solutions to problems that didn’t exist a few months ago.

This month and last, I’ve been making training films for Covid19 nurses in the Nightingale hospitals, it’s been challenging, but rewarding too, I’ve not been able to mic anyone up, so finding ways to recored voices cleanly, when the people talking are in full PPE is a challenge, but anything is doable with the right kit and enough experience.

I also entered a different world for a few days, the world of the YouTube content creator, I spent a few days at Morgz house, with him and his Mum, preparing for a huge live show raising funds for the NHS, so a lot of fun, and a worthwhile aim.

In between jobs I’ve been working out solutions to a few problems, in particular, how to mic people up safely, safe both for me, and the person being mic’d up. This is going to be an essential skill over the next year, we all need to get back to work, but stay safe, so you can be sure that I’m at the forefront of ways to get the same good sound I’ve always got, but as safe as it can possibly be, given the new constraints. My other project was to find a way to record the best possible sound remotely, working with contributors who stay in their own homes, and shoot content on their phones. We all know that video shot on the latest phones can look incredible, but what good is that with dodgy sound? So, I’ve done my homework, and invested heavily in kit that can get sound quality to match the picture quality. Whether it’s for a Lockdown drama, reality show, or a doc, I’ve now got the kit to send to contributors, which is easy to set up, and gives us the results we need. So give me a call if you’ve got a project coming up that you want to talk about.

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