Jeepers, is it really 18 months since I posted?

After a rather slow 2020, 2021 has been all systems go with some really interesting projects, and unusually, I seem to be doing more drama than docs, I’ve always done a mix of the two, but drama seems to be winning this year.

All the way back in March I shot a commercial for the online store ‘Very’ featuring the classic song Our House by Madness, here it is, if you can bear to be transported back to lockdown days….

I spent all summer shooting series 3 of Meet the Richardsons, with the amazing Jon Richardson and Lucy Beaumont. Many laughs were had, and I got to meet some amazing people, the crew, and guest stars were all pretty cool, and it was a brilliant way to spend the summer.

The comedy theme continued with a pilot shoot for the Chris and Rosie Ramsey show, which involved a lot of swearing, and me building a microphone mount made from an imitation T-Bone steak, for a segment called ‘What’s your beef’

I’ve also, since April been shooting various second unit, and main unit cover days on This Sceptred Isle, A Sky drama, directed by Michael Winterbottom, which follows the events surrounding Boris Johnson and his government in the face of the first wave of the global pandemic. Sobering stuff, given the fun of Meet The Richardsons.

When the production team of This is Going To Hurt (the dramatisation of Adam Kay’s secret diaries of a junior doctor) needed to shoot a scene with a Paternoster lift, Sheffield Arts Tower was the only possible location, so I spent the day with Ben Wishaw jumping in and out of the lift (if you don’t know what a Paternoster lift is, google it, you’ll be amazed they’ve not been banned)

Inbetween the big jobs, dailies on cooking, property and consumer shows seem to have been big this year, including Nadiya’s Fast Flavours. Joanna Page, George Clarke and Simon O’Brien being some of the other presenters I’ve worked with.

I’ve also spent more than enough time in the COVID wards of Liverpools Prescott Hospital for GMB broadcasting live, which is always a challenge, even more so dressed in full PPE and double masked.

And now, at the end of the year when it’s chucking it down, and freezing cold, I’ve started working on Clarksons Farm. Why couldn’t I do that in the Summer?

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